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Erika and Marten's inner sheet artists rip out onto light shades

This wildly wonderful work of art makes the toilet a very scenic detour, although  it can make aim tall order for for boys who are more the 6 foot tall.

The wildly wonderful inner artists of Erica and Marten at work again, with a little Hawaian lei recycling thrown in the wildly colourful mix. materials sourced from the Nelson Re-Use and Recycle Centre.


Wild recycled toy Xmas tree at NRRC

wild and sneaky art recycled Xmas tree NRRC 20014

These wildly individual  recycled toys from the Nelson Reuse and Recycle centre have put the funk into Xmas trees. Why not create your own funky non conventional tree with family, friends or lovely ones.

Merry Xmas to you all.


The wild abstract art of bird butts

bird butt pimping
Abstract additions to this seat remind us that nature, the true artist is blessed with a sense of humour.


The wild art of paint flicked shoes.

 chameleon colour booties

These funky paint flicked boots began their life as low key tan faux suade op shop booties, graduated to practical dusty black, and added  a spring to their step by  becoming paint bomb booties. Seems like anything can be a canvas.


Wild and sneaky Ted pimping.

This funky fashion forward masked bear is dressed by Sharli.
Get down to the Nelson Re-Use and Recycle Centre and show a bear you care by pimping it with flare.
Let your own wild style jump right out of your brilliance onto a bear and into the world.


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