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The hut that X built

Submitted by Gemma Claire

Walk along Tahuna Beach. Yes, it's a tough job but someone's got to do it. Keep walking. Just a little farther. You'll eventually come to an incredible driftwood hut. An as yet unidentified builder has put serious effort into this architectural enigma. The wood is criss-crossed tight enough to make the structure robust, yet the spaces between allow glorious Nelson sunlight to sneak in. The driftwood has been driven deep into the sand, which makes a lone constructor unlikely. Grassy dune accomplice theories, anyone?

The hut's intimate interior is kitted out with log seats. It's a perfect spot for shade-seekers. A writer whose ideas have dried up might sit here, stare at the glistening ocean and gain inspiration. An artist could lug an easel in and paint a seascape. With Valentine's Day coming, surely someone romantically inclined will use the quaint cabin as a venue for a picnic. On a clear night, you could bed down on the cool sand floor. Sleeping and star-gazing only, please – latex mementos of passion would definitely spoil this hideaway.

So, does anyone know who built this hut? Perhaps it's the work of construction pixies who come out only at night...


Dangerous dunny doings

Whatever you Nelsonians are constructing and brewing around here, be cautious, and make sure you have full authorisation before entering. Alternate options for unauthorised people are currently unknown, but if your contribution is golden then perhaps the signage is insinuating that your patronage of this cubicle is okay?


How do you like your joinery?

Definitely not a wooden sense of humour spotted here in Nelson. In fact, this caused my friend to mutter that she could do with a bit of well hung joinery herself. It remains a mystery as to whether this name refers to the prowess of cupboard doors or the bestower of them, but we like to think that it's all finely finished.


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