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wild and sneaky knitted stool butt sculpture

wild and sneaky knitted stool butt sculpture- Nickola Blunt
Far beyond the realms of knit one pearl one, inspiration for this wild sculpture just came into my brain one day. 

I was thinking that my gray stool was looking a little quiet on it and contemplating what kind of wild things could land in the NRRC window next.

This was fun, cost effective, (easy to assemble and change colour), for those with creative ADD or an emergency call to knit.

It also boasts the capacity to pick up passing vibrations and shimmy accordingly. All these materials are from the Nelson Reuse and Recycle Centre.

Get wildly creative, kind to the earth and cost effective and add your funky recycled sculpture to our Wild and Sneaky Art Face book page. Just have fun it doesn't have to be perfect.

more recycled sculptural than functional 


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