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Sneak out!

Recently, a wild young sneaker sneaked out into a tree, undiscovered by its owner. After checking out the sunset in Cable Bay it decided to stay on, so hold onto your sneakers at sunset or they could get away from you (especially if you're out of your tree at the time).


Wildly out of the blue

Wild smile beach wood spotted over the weekend at Tahuna. A wildly clear direction that life is meant to be fun - just follow the arrow. Very difficult not to smile after seeing that.


Riwaka Daisy

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do
I'm half crazy, for all that fast kissing you do
I note your stylish hectarage
As I pass by in my carriage
So give me a moo as I drive by
Your sign sequence built of two.


Wildy creative couture

The long-harboured desire to create a personal approach to one's seasonal collection sneaked out recently, resulting in wildly painted boots, booty cover (aka jeans) and booty station (aka chair).

As we know, when creativity sneaks out it is sooooo much fun that it is difficult to stop at just a few things, so it took another couple of items: top, jacket and goucho pants before both the collection and the impulse that sparked it all was complete... and ooooh, there was such a smile on her face.

There is always something wildly satisfying about wearing clothes that you have made, painted or put together just the way you like them. Join our WASA! Facebook page and upload your fave looks and creations, letting your inner artist sneak out in ALL directions!


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