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Hanging around

Overheard in Nelson, a Collingwood Street conversation...

Paisley: Hey man, you look terrible. You wanna iron yourself out a bit.
Blue: Humph!
Paisley: Decidedly dishevelled even. And you’re normally such a stuffed shirt too.
Blue: Well, we got home last night, me and him, three sheets to the wind and we lost the thread a bit.
Paisley: Lost the thread? Looks more like he lost the shirt off his back and you’ve been hung out to dry mate...
Blue: What would you know? You’re just a button-down, wide-weave, over-decorated fashion victim.
Paisley: Oh keep your shirt on buddy or those knickers down the line will get in a twist. I’m 100% wild and sneaky art cotton I’ll have you know.



Spotted, a convention of wild and sneaky aprons looking for legs. Can you match the legs to an apron, or even your legs to an apron? Clearly, if you are tired of your current proportions there are all sorts of epic proportions to choose from. Cooking may never be the same again. We think Jeanette Marlow's novelty aprons at Nelson's Saturday morning market are wildly wonderful and fun.


Wild & sheepish

Parker the sheep likes to be wildly on the down low. He is a shy, silent, retiring type, who prefers to fly under the radar and loiter in the cool shade of the tomato plants kindly provided by his sheperd/gardener at his home in Stoke. Parker is often greeted with a maa-aa-a by children passing by on the way to school. He likes to give them a silent suitably philosophic sheepish look and continue with his enjoyment of the day.


Love is... wild and sneaky...

Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air... and the trees, the sand, lying amidst driftwood… even planting kisses upon some peoples’ lucky rears. Here in Nelson, love is sneaking out absolutely everywhere...

You're wildly, creatively, heart-warmingly, sizzling HOT Nelson baby! We're veritably inundated with love around here. And we luuuuuuurve that about you.

Warm some hearts and share some love by uploading your own pics of wild, sneaky and creative love everywhere around you to the WASA! Wild & Sneaky Art Facebook page. We love how wild and sneaky love is xx


Sprint to the finish line

Two vehicles in one turbo-powered courier van sneaks out in Nelson. Go Sprint Couriers go! We love your wild and sneaky style.


Stunt grunt

The Wild Nitro Flashback Stunt car was raring to roar out at Gourdie Automotive Ltd on Waimea Road yesterday. Gourdie’s are the home of wild sneaky auto creativity, their cars are legendary feats of colour and engine grunt. I was wildly in awe of the purple sparkly nitro tanks, maxed out exhaust system and pink fixtures - apologies in advance to the more mechanically literate among you. 

Imagine if we lived life with this kind of wild gassed up gorgeousness, flair, abandon and colour, and expressed it with the kind of oomph that purrs and growls under the bonnet of one of those machines.


Bug wit

On a mission to prevent bugs sneaking into the house, I set off in search of the ultimate insect remedy, albeit somewhat reluctantly. The not anything shall survive insect shelf, with it's wild array of bugicide options, suddenly loomed large before me.

To my great amusement, right in front of the Death To All Insects For Infinity Pack, was a screamingly large black bug about 2cm in length and 1cm wide. I wondered for a minute if this was the retailer having a hilarious day planting a fake bug there. So I touched it gently. It was happily alive, completely unfazed and getting on with it's business.

Clearly not bugged by the situation, it had been gifted a very wild sense of humour, which made me smile for the rest of the day. These are the times when I make mental note to never leave home without my camera, because it seems that things that make you smile pop up everywhere somewhat unexpectedly, so no pic this time.

It also reminds me that remaining larger than life is always the best policy.


High flying art

"Once I Learn to Fly I am Never Coming Down" - these wildly inspiring words can be spotted on a very cool random work of art that has sneaked out on a Nelson roundabout near Tahunanui.

In the vicinity, if you have the eye for it, look out for big black gulls soaring effortlessly on the updraft, while the younger ones flap wildly as they learn to handle the variations in tempo. They pull some pretty wild and sneaky stunts along the way that make you smile.
Soaring is what happens when we let excitement, happiness and joy reach right out to the tip of our tail feathers. Albatross are so good at it, they can apparently fly across the sea in their sleep.


Wild windows

Palm Boutique Nelson are known for their continuously evolving, wildly inspiring window art. Heat lamps get wild and personified in their shop window this week with wild old stuff and reflections. Groovy.


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