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Bug wit

On a mission to prevent bugs sneaking into the house, I set off in search of the ultimate insect remedy, albeit somewhat reluctantly. The not anything shall survive insect shelf, with it's wild array of bugicide options, suddenly loomed large before me.

To my great amusement, right in front of the Death To All Insects For Infinity Pack, was a screamingly large black bug about 2cm in length and 1cm wide. I wondered for a minute if this was the retailer having a hilarious day planting a fake bug there. So I touched it gently. It was happily alive, completely unfazed and getting on with it's business.

Clearly not bugged by the situation, it had been gifted a very wild sense of humour, which made me smile for the rest of the day. These are the times when I make mental note to never leave home without my camera, because it seems that things that make you smile pop up everywhere somewhat unexpectedly, so no pic this time.

It also reminds me that remaining larger than life is always the best policy.

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