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High flying art

"Once I Learn to Fly I am Never Coming Down" - these wildly inspiring words can be spotted on a very cool random work of art that has sneaked out on a Nelson roundabout near Tahunanui.

In the vicinity, if you have the eye for it, look out for big black gulls soaring effortlessly on the updraft, while the younger ones flap wildly as they learn to handle the variations in tempo. They pull some pretty wild and sneaky stunts along the way that make you smile.
Soaring is what happens when we let excitement, happiness and joy reach right out to the tip of our tail feathers. Albatross are so good at it, they can apparently fly across the sea in their sleep.

wild and sneaky  – (4 February 2011 at 12:39)  

This inspiring work of art is now so quickly gone from where it appeared in Tahuna, so we're especially glad to have eye-spied it while it lived.

Windshield Replacement MN  – (5 October 2011 at 00:34)  

Awesome art works! Much better than doing vandalism! Keep it up!

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