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How do robots clean their teeth?

If you have always wondered how robots clean their teeth, then then your question was answered on Saturday morning at the Nelson Reuse & Recycle Centre (NRRC).

Answer: with the help of a friend and a wire tooth brush. Probably no need to floss then. It would appear that, even if you have a big mouth, you can still find a friend to clean it!

This wildly creative robot was created as a donation to the NRRC. It was built with six months of free time in the weekends. If you look very closely, you will see it even has eyes. When recycling - generosity, creativity and  hidden talents combine - the results it seems are big, bright and sustainable.


Hi-viz security bot sweeps in to supervise

This hi-viz hazard robot randomly appeared to make sure only authorised personnel were making it through the gates of the Nelson Reuse & Recycle Centre. Clearly on good terms with his creative supervisor, the bot maintains a vigilant eye on passers by, especially those not yet compliant with the new one-way driving system.

His flexibility was also very evident - you try squatting down and getting your butt to touch the ground!



Bottomless supply of bottoms wanting to be chosen

Retail sales on Trafalgar street leave customers in no doubt that there is a generous and seemingly bottomless supply of bottoms available cheap and wanting to be the chosen one...

Special deals, it seems, make bottoms more sale-able. We are not quite sure why the tops were seemingly more popular, in shorter supply or less public in their statements and appearances.


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