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Fashion hopefuls

Outrageously gorgeous fashion styles are being sneaked out by Sally, Bev and Marg. These voluptuous straw fashionistas recently planted their latest winter styles, curvacious bodies and fab poses at the Place for Plants Nursery Ltd in Hope.

Keen to have a lasting impact on fashion individuality, they stay in these poses for hours amongst the fragrant plants and flowers. Looks like sunflowers are the latest fascinaters and serial handbag coordination is a must.

Curiously, there seems to be a facial resemblance here - sisters in style, or perhaps this is the latest popular model look...?


Hauling ass

Spotted leaving Z Richmond service station after refuelling with his wee pony pal, this donkey has his hind legs obstinately in place despite all the talk of having its ass on the line in this seemingly all-purpose, burrowed cart.

And if you consider this to be a half-arsed mode of transport, then you would be wrong, because obviously this fella ‘aint no mule. But with the charming cross adorning his strong grey back ...well, perhaps it’s an Easter thing?


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