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Dogs day out... not

Hair of the dog seems like a bit of an understatement for this low key mutt with style and an unimpressed expression about its owner heading off to the market without it. Left to ponder the injustices of being a dog, instead it set about visualising a better use for the day.

I don't just want the word, I want to manifest the actual reality, dog gone it!!


Bear wood stylings

"Whoever’s been sitting on my chairs must have a tough ass’, said the little bear as it climbed back onto its wild drift wood chair with thoughts of disappearing porridge and ass protection on its mind. Stuffed stools, old garden prunings and drift wood have collaborated wildly with recycled lashing materials (note no nails or screws) to create spikey driftwood chairs and lashed cane and pruning shelves.

Not particularly suited to fine dining, comfort or elegance and decidedly rough around the edges and showing more potential  for their bedside manner, these chairs are a fun way for the non faint-hearted and wildly adventurous to  funk up a bedroom or add quirky Goldilocks and the Three Bears stylings to the house...


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