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Punk pigs and spider art

Bruce Derrett's wildly creative and wonderful works with can be found at the Saturday Market in Nelson.
A master at transforming old tools and junk into funky, quirky creations with attitude that make you smile.
You will never look at your old tools the same again.


Wild, sketchy eyes sneaking out.......

Morten an electrician from Sweden had no idea that he could sketch until he met Weldon from Kansas, while travelling. He showed him how to let his sketcher sneak out. 
Clearly focus was not a problem and as Morten continued to experiment, learn and make mistakes many cool and surprising sketch doodles were unleashed and enjoyed by everyone.

Morten's wildly creative partner Erika added a few ideas and now amazing face sketches are sneaking out. 
More pics soon. What wildly creative talents are waiting to sneak out of you?


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