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poly box Xmas tree sneaks out at NRC

A brightly pimped  polybox xmas tree which is a little outside the box just sneaked out into the NRC window. Aided by a pacific themed angel sending wishes of kindness to all including the environment.


wildly recycled Wasa!roonians button it!

The phrase button it takes on a whole new meaning when you check out the face of this Wasaroonian.

Recycled buttons and ripped sheets from the Nelson Recycling Centre have created a wildly funky face lift and hair restyling for the summer season.

Erika from Sweden let her inner artist rip literally to create this funky person.

The term WASA!ROONIAN was first coined by writer Anthea Whitlock for the funky she and her friend Kay made when her inner artist sneaked out at the promptings of the inaugural WASA!.

It's always so fun to see how inspiration can domino in wildly surprising directions that encourage creativity to sneak out of people and leave the world a richer place said Nickola Blunt WASA! director.


degrunged, wildly colourful seating

Drab dirty cream and pink chairs recently shed their inhibitions............
grungy chair
and reclad in teeshirts, pajama material and calico  from the Nelson Recycle Centre with the wildly talented assistance of Swedish Wasaroonians Erika and Marten.

Erika pimped dining chair.
No longer a grungy and unappealing place for butt rest, these chairs now beckon diners to park their asses colourfully at WASA!HQ.

Martinator pimped dining chair


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