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| Photo courtesy:Ricky Biggs, Donna James Hair and Photography.|
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Check out and contribute to our wild and sneaky blog. Send in your cool pics of wild and sneaky things seen around and about, and add a wildly witty paragraph to go with it!

The wild and sneaky blog is all about celebrating and sharing
 the crazy, creative, community collaboration that sneaks out.


How often do you see stuff going on that makes you smile big, blows your hair back, or just brightens up your day, the quirky, the left field, the just beooootiful, inspirational and the provocative, stuff that makes you appreciate all the cool and diverse individuals in the world.
Calling writers, photographers, those feeling creative, or simply candid observers with something interesting and relevant to say, show, play, suggest or do. This blog is operated entirely voluntarily, but full credit is given for all ideas and contributions published.

This blog is about the everyday, the intriguing, the funny, the wry, the fabulous and the eye-opening that happens here and thereabouts. From the places we go, to the things we see, the people we meet and the stuff we create - all sneakily rolled out in timely little bites with lashings of wild creative energy and humourous observation for all to enjoy. 

Smile. Life's short. Be wild, sneaky, inspired and inspirational and let your uniqueness rip. Maybe even take time to look at the usual with a wildly different angel...  or angle... once in a while.

Contributors please note that:
  1. We encourage word, image and other types of contributions from anyone in the community with something amusing or thought provoking to share.
  2. The contributor is fully liable for the contents of their submission published on this site. The publishers accept no liability.
  3. Any words, images or other materials making up any part of your submission must be your own work and belong to you.
  4. Images of children under 18 years of age, where the child's identity is recognisable, will only be accepted when submitted with full permission of the child's parent or legal guardian.
  5. All material needs to be suitable for a general public audience (that's not to say that we take political correctness to the nth degree).
  6. Submissions may be re-published in other publications from time to time with permission from WASA!®. Credit to the contributor is required, this being the responsibility of the re-publishing party.

| Photo courtesy: Ricky Biggs, Donna James Hair and Photography.|  
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Disclaimer and terms of use
Opinions expressed on this blog are not necessarily those of the publishers, no liability is accepted. The intention of this site is entirely well-humoured. We have no wish to offend, discredit or tarnish anyone's good name or spout from soap boxes. But if we can't laugh at ourselves good-naturedly once in a while, then really, what's the point.  


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