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poly box Xmas tree sneaks out at NRC

A brightly pimped  polybox xmas tree which is a little outside the box just sneaked out into the NRC window. Aided by a pacific themed angel sending wishes of kindness to all including the environment.


wildly recycled Wasa!roonians button it!

The phrase button it takes on a whole new meaning when you check out the face of this Wasaroonian.

Recycled buttons and ripped sheets from the Nelson Recycling Centre have created a wildly funky face lift and hair restyling for the summer season.

Erika from Sweden let her inner artist rip literally to create this funky person.

The term WASA!ROONIAN was first coined by writer Anthea Whitlock for the funky she and her friend Kay made when her inner artist sneaked out at the promptings of the inaugural WASA!.

It's always so fun to see how inspiration can domino in wildly surprising directions that encourage creativity to sneak out of people and leave the world a richer place said Nickola Blunt WASA! director.


degrunged, wildly colourful seating

Drab dirty cream and pink chairs recently shed their inhibitions............
grungy chair
and reclad in teeshirts, pajama material and calico  from the Nelson Recycle Centre with the wildly talented assistance of Swedish Wasaroonians Erika and Marten.

Erika pimped dining chair.
No longer a grungy and unappealing place for butt rest, these chairs now beckon diners to park their asses colourfully at WASA!HQ.

Martinator pimped dining chair


poly box turns into apple tree for NRC

Erika and Marten from Sweden with their polybox apple tree for the NRC Window

Erika and Marten let their inner artists sneak out onto a couple of poly boxes from the Nelson Recycle Centre.

We have been pondering whether we should use it to stealth out some real apple trees.

On a more practical note this is your ideal portable multi-purpose picnic table for camping or outdoor coffee tabling.

The apple box painting unleashed a wild creative momentum that
escalated into dress and face painting, reminding us all that life is meant to be fun.


guerilla knits hit clothesline @ WASA! HQ

Susan surveys her clothesline guerilla knitting at WASA! HQ with Murray

Guerilla knitting recently ripped out onto the somewhat naked clothesline at WASA! HQ.
Crafty wools from the NRC converged into a  freestyle apparition
pimping the clothes line with a  wild random funkiness that made us smile BIG.
Post your favorite guerilla knitting episodes on our face book page
or send a witty article about what happens when
your inner artist rips out on the knitting needles.

At WASA! HQ we love to celebrate the inner artist in everyone
because your creativity is wildly surprising, unique and inspiring.


Punk pigs and spider art

Bruce Derrett's wildly creative and wonderful works with can be found at the Saturday Market in Nelson.
A master at transforming old tools and junk into funky, quirky creations with attitude that make you smile.
You will never look at your old tools the same again.


Wild, sketchy eyes sneaking out.......

Morten an electrician from Sweden had no idea that he could sketch until he met Weldon from Kansas, while travelling. He showed him how to let his sketcher sneak out. 
Clearly focus was not a problem and as Morten continued to experiment, learn and make mistakes many cool and surprising sketch doodles were unleashed and enjoyed by everyone.

Morten's wildly creative partner Erika added a few ideas and now amazing face sketches are sneaking out. 
More pics soon. What wildly creative talents are waiting to sneak out of you?


How to avoid sleeping with a drip...

Sleeping with a drip of any sort is not really an optimal experience, so it's good to know there is someone out there who can help people deal with this challenge here in Nelson!


Dogs day out... not

Hair of the dog seems like a bit of an understatement for this low key mutt with style and an unimpressed expression about its owner heading off to the market without it. Left to ponder the injustices of being a dog, instead it set about visualising a better use for the day.

I don't just want the word, I want to manifest the actual reality, dog gone it!!


Bear wood stylings

"Whoever’s been sitting on my chairs must have a tough ass’, said the little bear as it climbed back onto its wild drift wood chair with thoughts of disappearing porridge and ass protection on its mind. Stuffed stools, old garden prunings and drift wood have collaborated wildly with recycled lashing materials (note no nails or screws) to create spikey driftwood chairs and lashed cane and pruning shelves.

Not particularly suited to fine dining, comfort or elegance and decidedly rough around the edges and showing more potential  for their bedside manner, these chairs are a fun way for the non faint-hearted and wildly adventurous to  funk up a bedroom or add quirky Goldilocks and the Three Bears stylings to the house...


Eggnition followed by full throttle eggstermination

One imagines you might just be left with egg on your cheek if you follow this formidable poultry racer, recently spotted appropriately parked outside a major egg producer in our Nelson region. 

It leaves us pondering the possibility of terrorising chook racers letting out wild cackles, ruffling a few feathers and dropping their egg as they cross the finishing line with a flourish.

Yep, definitely something to crow about this one. 

Perhaps the secret to high egg production is a quick lap round the track with the non-compliant/performing chickens?!


Peak pedal balance and sustainability

This wildly innovative enviro cyclist took balance, cartage and environmental inspiration to a whole new level as he silently glided away with his stall from the Nelson Saturday Market using nothing but the calories from his breakfast and the smile on his face.


Kahikatea funky treecycling

This Kahikitea tree is definitely not stumped about the wild art of recycling. This glamorous work, with moss highlights, is adding both features and benefits. Not content to rest on its artistic laurels, it was also giving a young Manuka tree and wild grass a start too. Mother Nature's recycling systems are pure creative genius.


How do robots clean their teeth?

If you have always wondered how robots clean their teeth, then then your question was answered on Saturday morning at the Nelson Reuse & Recycle Centre (NRRC).

Answer: with the help of a friend and a wire tooth brush. Probably no need to floss then. It would appear that, even if you have a big mouth, you can still find a friend to clean it!

This wildly creative robot was created as a donation to the NRRC. It was built with six months of free time in the weekends. If you look very closely, you will see it even has eyes. When recycling - generosity, creativity and  hidden talents combine - the results it seems are big, bright and sustainable.


Hi-viz security bot sweeps in to supervise

This hi-viz hazard robot randomly appeared to make sure only authorised personnel were making it through the gates of the Nelson Reuse & Recycle Centre. Clearly on good terms with his creative supervisor, the bot maintains a vigilant eye on passers by, especially those not yet compliant with the new one-way driving system.

His flexibility was also very evident - you try squatting down and getting your butt to touch the ground!



Bottomless supply of bottoms wanting to be chosen

Retail sales on Trafalgar street leave customers in no doubt that there is a generous and seemingly bottomless supply of bottoms available cheap and wanting to be the chosen one...

Special deals, it seems, make bottoms more sale-able. We are not quite sure why the tops were seemingly more popular, in shorter supply or less public in their statements and appearances.


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