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Our wildly creative WASA!® - Wild and Sneaky Art® crew can help you with...

  • icebreakers
    |Craig Wilson's inner artist sneaks onto a DVD player.|
  • relaxing social evenings
  • team optimization sessions
  • themed evenings
  • surprise sneak-outs
  • other wildly creative ideas
Download the WASA!® Conference & Group Activities brochure (PDF) for further information

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At WASA!® we believe everyone is creative and we love to see it sneak out, surprise you and put a smile on your face.

conference participant

Unleash your wildly wonderful collaborative creativity as a group and let it sneak out, surprise you and blow your hair back. Relax, have fun and turbo-boost your team and social dynamics without even trying.

Conference Organisers Conference Nelson

You don’t have to worry about being good or artsy enough, no previous experience or known talent is necessary. Relax with experienced inner artist facilitators who know that everyone is creative.

|Photo courtesy: Pammie Moonlight. International fashion media let their inner artists sneak out.|

They have seen many people transform from mildly terrorized about what might sneak out and whether it’s good enough, to flicking paint on canvases, painting t-shirts, shrieking with laughter and discovering the fun and power of creative collaboration.

Sessions are completely flexible, ranging from 30 minutes, 2 hours, a morning/afternoon/evening or full day.

Choose combined or single session options. Your session can be tailored to your budget, time frame, group goals, creative preferences, activities and themes.

| Cupcakes for the  Master Plumbers Convention. |

For example, icing plungers for a plumbers' convention, painting fridges for a brand relaunch, inspiration vault and visiting international fashion media, or pimping toasters into hairy artful creations and wildly creative strategic tablecloth doodle brainstorming.

| Iced plunger for the NZ Master plumbers convention. |

Comments from our wildly creative collaborators:

"Thanks so much for everything in regards to the Wild Appliances session you ran for our Consulting Partners recently. 

| Photo courtesy: Pammie Moonlight.|

We used this painting session to improve the dynamics of our team and achieve a number of the objectives we had in mind.

| Photo courtesy Pammie Moonlight. |

We found the session to be a really effective way of getting the team together and would recommend it to any other organisation."
Phil Royal, Senior Consulting Partner, Pricewaterhouse Coopers Wellington

Nelson WineArt loved being involved with WASA! at our annual NewRelease Wine Tasting event at the Boathouse. 

Having this interactive, creative component at our wine tasting 
added a whole new and fun element for our guests. 
It stimulated lots of laughs and broke the ice amongst guests who didn’t know each other. WASA! definitely made our event 
more memorable, without detracting from the wine tasting, which was the core component.

We would love to work together with the WASA! crew next year.”
Gisella Purcell, Nelson WineArt

 “Fun and a feeling of team/togetherness
Overall a wonderful team experience

Bit apprehensive at first, wondering what we were in for, but it ended up being so much fun!

Fantastic idea, would highly recommend to others as an awesome team activity!”
“I loved just being able to be free in the art and doing something different; to be able to break from the basic and try something new.”
“Enjoyed the way the whole painting came together even though we were painting individually.”

The Wellcare Education Ltd Nelson Team


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