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Stunt grunt

The Wild Nitro Flashback Stunt car was raring to roar out at Gourdie Automotive Ltd on Waimea Road yesterday. Gourdie’s are the home of wild sneaky auto creativity, their cars are legendary feats of colour and engine grunt. I was wildly in awe of the purple sparkly nitro tanks, maxed out exhaust system and pink fixtures - apologies in advance to the more mechanically literate among you. 

Imagine if we lived life with this kind of wild gassed up gorgeousness, flair, abandon and colour, and expressed it with the kind of oomph that purrs and growls under the bonnet of one of those machines.

Windshield Replacement MN  – (5 October 2011 at 18:52)  

Cool pictures! This one is good for my business.. Thanks for the post!

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