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Hanging around

Overheard in Nelson, a Collingwood Street conversation...

Paisley: Hey man, you look terrible. You wanna iron yourself out a bit.
Blue: Humph!
Paisley: Decidedly dishevelled even. And you’re normally such a stuffed shirt too.
Blue: Well, we got home last night, me and him, three sheets to the wind and we lost the thread a bit.
Paisley: Lost the thread? Looks more like he lost the shirt off his back and you’ve been hung out to dry mate...
Blue: What would you know? You’re just a button-down, wide-weave, over-decorated fashion victim.
Paisley: Oh keep your shirt on buddy or those knickers down the line will get in a twist. I’m 100% wild and sneaky art cotton I’ll have you know.

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