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Wildly manky to magnificent!

This is a story of domino kindness, generosity and collaborative creativity. It’s about how one act of generosity can inspire another.

Craig and Michelle Hunwick’s daughter, Bo, received life-saving treatment at Starship Hospital. As a result of this she is now a happy, smiling 3-year-old. Craig and his team from Nyberg and Nelson Upholstery generously agreed to let their highly creative inner upholsterers sneak out, upholstering a couch as part of WASA!® 2010 Wild and Sneaky Art Festival. Award winning interior designer and WASA!® director, Julia Kelly, went wild with the couch design which everyone loved, also at no charge.

WASA!® wanted to acknowledge Craig’s generosity, so Julia swung into action and raffled the couch to raise funds for The Starship Foundation. $530 was raised for The Starship Foundation during WASA!® Festival Week 2010.

A very delighted 4-year-old Bindi is now the proud owner of the gorgeous WASA!® couch. The couch has gone from being abandoned and left to die down in a back garden by three successive families to a wildly funky, colourful gorgeous piece of furniture that now resides proudly in the rooftop apartment of Bindi’s family. Her Dad, Ajay, from the Mid City Motor Lodge said that Bindi felt like she had won the lottery – and her Mum, Rhonda, said she would probably want to sleep on it tonight.


We should add that the couch was very sought after, with one person buying 10 tickets in the hope of getting it (…we would like to say sorry you didn’t win to Katrina from MoreFM! Despite her disappointment in not winning the couch, she generously offered to call up the lucky winner live on the air).

The WASA!® crew found it a little difficult to get five people and a couch into the elevator at once, however, it was totally worth it to be able to deliver the ultimate Christmas surprise to Bindi, send a cheque to The Starship Foundation and know the couch will be well loved.

Clearly, the moral of the story if you are a couch is that even if you are abandoned in a garden and filled with beer bottles and it seems like nobody gives a damn – don’t give up! You might just be the next centrepiece for an event and there is always someone out there who will love you!!!!!!!!

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