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Bring out the gimp

An unconfirmed rumour of wild, sneaky and unexpected hilarity, good humoured generosity and cheeky fun has reached our ears here at wild & sneaky. The way we heard it was this…
‘Twas the day before Christmas, 24th December 2010, when all through the Nelson court house nothing unusual was stirring, not even a court mouse. Up the judge stood, his mind perhaps full of the thoughts of eggnog, declaring an end to the day’s proceedings before duly leaving the court room. It was noted that, not long after, another man of some known legal standing in Nelson circles, also stood and exited the court room.
A few minutes passed when suddenly, and most unexpectedly, the door opened again and in ran to the court room an unknown personage, attired in what could only be described as a gimp suit. For the uninitiated, one could only imagine this as being black in colour, skin tight in construction (more than likely of Lycra fabrication) and reminiscent of a certain character from the movie Pulp Fiction.
But what the gimp did next was even more extraordinary. He ran around every nook and cranny of the court house giving out Christmas sweets, being sure not to forget even the prisoners in the holding cells below. What a generous Christmas gimp this was indeed!
Once gimpy had left, the gentleman of some legal standing returned from his errand, who bizarrely and much to his disappointment, had missed the whole event…

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